Take Action

Here are some ways you can protect our airshed:

1.Download our petition here,and collect all the signatures you can. Email info@railtiesbewise.ca when pages are full.

2. Donate to help with legal costs and expert consultations as we support appeals to the relevant permits. Visit our gofundme page, or make a deposit to Rail Ties Be Wise at the WL & District Credit Union.

3. Write a personalized letter to Williams Lake Mayor and Council. You can use the automatic form by pressing the big orange button on the right side of this page. Here are some of the main concerns you may wish to mention:

  • At maximum burn rate, concentrations of sulfur dioxide will increase from non-detectable currently to 47% of Ministry of Environment’s acceptable level.
  • Fine particulate matter and other contaminants in the air will increase.
  • We live in a valley bowl where emissions settle in the airshed.
  • Toxic ash from burning rail ties will be added to the current ash landfill which is perched precariously on the escarpment above Williams Lake River Valley. This escarpment is susceptible to sloughing, so the ash pile could potentially fall.
  • Accidents can happen and will cost a great deal to fix. Atlantic Power is not required to set aside any clean-up funds, so the costs will fall to us, the taxpayers. see http://calgaryherald.com/news/politics/liability-for-swan-hills-hazardous-waste-plant-clean-up-keeps-growing
  • Becoming known as the rail tie burning capital of western Canada would be terrible for our town’s reputation: it could hurt local business, deter retirees, new families and professionals from moving here and negatively affect real estate values.
  • Government programs to support the harvest and transport of non-merchantable timber might better provide jobs for members of our community. There is abundant untreated fuel out there that could be burned instead of creosote-soaked rail ties.

Your continued support is vital to our success. Talk to your contacts and make sure they know what burning rail ties would do to our community. Get them to sign the petition, and to demand that city council to rescind their support for the permit amendments. If you need any more information to make your point convincingly, email us at info@railtiesbewise.ca and we will be glad to answer any questions we can.