Study on Rail Tie Disposal: Destination Williams Lake!

Williams Lake is set to be the destination for nearly all of Canada’s waste rail ties, according to University of Victoria Environmental Law student, Andhra Azevedo, who just released the following report on the burning of railroad ties in Canada. Rail Ties Be Wise remains deeply concerned about the impact this will have on our community’s health and reputation. We are also very worried about resulting impacts on property values and future attraction of professionals such as doctors to this community.

Azevedo examines the disposal of rail ties in the US and Canada, mentioning that the safest means of disposal is toxic waste incineration, which burns them at very high temperatures, and is not available in Williams Lake. The definition of renewable energy excludes such practices as burning rail ties in some states, such as Oregon and Washington.

As Williams Lake is situated in a topographic bowl, regular temperature inversions cause pollutants to be trapped in the valley for longer periods and thus increase the concentration of pollutants we breathe relative to other situations, where winds might disperse them better.

Rail Ties Be Wise does not want Williams Lake to consume the waste of toxic rail ties for all of Canada. We seek to protect the air we breathe, our reputation, and our healthy community. This is not clean energy.


Click to read the Azevedo Study