Our Concerns

Our concerns relate to numerous aspects of AP’s application.

  • We are not confident that air quality can be maintained, especially during the frequent weather inversions that hold emissions in our valley bowl. As seniors, children and those with respiratory diseases are especially vulnerable, the health of our community could significantly decline.
  • We are nervous about the 150,000-300,000 rail ties expected be kept onsite because they are soaked in highly-flammable creosote or pentachlorophenols.
  • We are especially nervous about the fact that they are not required to post any clean-up funds in case of accident.
  • Although the plant’s management currently plans to burn 15%-25% rail ties on an average annual basis, they are being allowed to burn up to 50% depending on availability of other fuels. If they found it “necessary”, they could burn considerably more than they are saying now. It must also be noted that this plant has already changed hands twice since its construction. A future owner could find it “necessary” to burn 50% all year around.
  • Ash from burning treated wood like railroad ties is not the same as that from ordinary wood waste. The permit recognizes the potential for hazardous chemicals in the ash, yet allows AP to add it to the pile above Frizzi Road, very close to the river valley escarpment which consists mainly of silt and sloughs frequently. The potential for contaminated ash to fall into the creek and eventually the Fraser River is extremely worrisome.
  • Who would want to move to a place where rail ties are burned right in town?